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Article by Gary Hesse
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Service Retrospective

I've always sought out opportunities to serve my community, both within and without my service to the local church. Most of the time, it's taken the shape of volunteering in an area non-profit, as the list below indicates.


Executive Director, Miss East Cascades Scholarship Organization

Organizational and volunteer leadership providing mentoring for young women in five-county area

The Miss East Cascades Scholarship Organization is a strong, community-based scholarship competition. It is an official preliminary to the Miss Washington and Miss America scholarship pageants, which give away millions of dollars in scholarships each year. I've been privileged to co-host the pageant for the organization's first seven years of existence, and joined its board in 2016. I assumed the duties of the executive director in 2019.


Treasurer, Heritage Hills Road Association

Financial oversight for homeowners association

Property owners in my area comprise the Heritage Hills Road Association. My duties as treasurer include the collection of annual dues and the payment of bills accrued by the neighborhood, including plowing services in winter.


Director, Icicle Arts

Non-profit promoting arts in the Leavenworth area

Served as treasurer for the organization (later known as Artis). Artis cultivated a vibrant community in the Upper Wenatchee River Valley through the arts by showcasing local and regional artists, engaging youth and adults in arts education and establishing downtown Leavenworth as a home for the arts.


Director, Cascade Medical Center Foundation

Public relations and fundraising for local hospital

The foundation is the nonprofit, fundraising arm of the community-owned medical center. Led by an entirely volunteer board of directors, it partners with donors to generate funding used to enhance the patient experience at Cascade Medical.

To date, the foundation has funded over one million dollars in medical center projects and state-of-the-art equipment.


Chaplain Coordinator, Upper Valley Ministerial Association

Organize and schedule local pastors in hospital chaplaincy program

At the time, the local hospital had no chaplain and was dependent upon services provided by local ministers. Therefore, I organized and was liaison between the ministerial association and the hospital administration.


President, Cascade Drama Boosters Club

Public relations and fundraising for school drama program

The dramatic arts have transformative potential in the lives of young people. Cascade High School had a dynamic program in the 1990s, and the boosters club was able to provide additional funds and experiences to strengthen the program's impact.


Founder, Cascade Education Foundation

Fundraising for local schools

In 1996, a double levy failure put at risk the ability of the Cascade School District to provide a quality education for its students. I approached the superintendent with a proposal to create a foundation to give the community a chance to offset some of the losses through charitable gifts of individuals and local businesses.

The foundation continues to this day, and has provided thousands of dollars of support to local educators and their students.


Founder, Christmas Cheer Campaign

Organize community food distribution program

Before 1981, there were a number of poorly-organized and conflicting groups attempting to serve the needy in the 100 Mile House, BC area during the Christmas season. The Christmas Cheer Campaign became the umbrella organization which successfully distributed food to hundreds of families each December.